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Suspension Upgrading

Upgrading to sports suspension is ideal if you want high levels of sportiness and comfort with racing technology for the road. 


Sport suspension refers to a suspension in which the combination of springs and shock absorbers is tuned more sportily than is usual for a standard suspension. This ensures better road holding, especially in bends and when driving at high speed. 


Advantages of sports suspension:

- Highly corrosion-resistant

- Unsurpassed quality

- No signs of wear at the adjustment mechanism – also during          long use

- Trapezoid thread in stainless steel eases height-adjustment

- Perfect look – permanently

- High load tolerance

At Forward Auto, we offer suspension kits such as dampers and springs that are tuned for each specific application to provide the best fixed height lowering solution. Suspension kits provide the perfect combination of suspension dynamics, quality and aesthetics.

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